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Ready to blurb… but should I?

I’m facing a bit of a dilemma. Well, ok, not really a dilemma, more of a bit of uncertainty. I’m getting close(r) to having my manuscript in a state where I’m ready to submit it to agents/publishers, and I’ve written several versions of my blurb.

So here’s my question:¬†Should I blurt out my blurb on my blog? Bleh.

(On a less serious note, should I leave alliteration alone a little? ūüėČ )

I’m well aware that the chances are overwhelmingly against my manuscript ever being¬†so hugely successful (even if it’s really as awesome as I believe it to be) that anyone will care whether¬†the blurb was already “out there”, but on the off-chance that against all odds I do get extremely lucky with finding the right person to read my work, can it hurt to¬†put up some initial versions of a blurb on a blog site?

Hmm… I sort of doubt it, but if you have any experience with this sort of thing, or just an educated opinion, please let me know in the comments!

A couple of inspiring success stories

Just a quick one to share two success stories that are inspiring to anyone looking to break into the ranks of (traditionally) published authors.

Lynette Noni

First, Lynette Noni, who is starting to officially freak out!¬†She wrote a bunch of lovely blog posts last year about getting a publishing deal with Pintera Press, and since then has worked hard (I’m sure) to get her¬†book, Akarnae,¬†polished for publication. The big date for her is the 2nd of February 2015, so just three days away… if you haven’t already, go visit her blog and send¬†her some love and well-wishes. ūüôā

Akarnae, by Lynette Noni

Lynette Noni’s new book, Akarnae, is about to be published!

Good luck for the book release, Lynette! (The cover looks awesome, by the way.)

Sarah Joy Carlson

Secondly, Sarah Joy Carlson has just announced that she has signed with an agent in Ireland, which is also awesome news. In her post “Drumroll, please… I’ve signed with an agent!” she tells all about her journey of overcoming a few rejections, persisting and believing, and finally getting her dream agent for her novel, Hooligans in Shining Armour. (The blog post also contains pretty much every gif about excitement that currently exists on the Internet. ūüôā )

Congratulations to both of these great authors!

Big News: I Got Published!

To follow up from my post from last week, Big News: Getting Published, I am absolutely¬†thrilled and delighted¬†to announce that my short story Big Bang has been published in Nicholas C. Rossis’ anthology, The Power of Six.

It’s official, I’m a¬†published¬†author!

Nicholas was even kind enough to change the full title to “The Power of Six: Six (plus one) Science Fiction Short Stories” – with my puny single contribution being the “plus one”.

Here’s the updated cover:

The Power of Six, by Nicholas C. Rossis

The Power of Six РCover of the anthology by Nicholas C. Rossis including six of his short stories, plus one teeny weeny short story by yours truly!

You can buy the book on Amazon, or, if you’ve purchased the original version without my short story, you can update it on your Kindle device.

It’s a great feeling to see “Amos M. Carpenter” listed as one of the authors on that Amazon link, so I am humbly grateful to Nicholas for including my story. (Thanks, mate!) I’m currently reading the other short stories by Nicholas (I’d already read two that were available on his blog) and am really enjoying them; they’re very clever as well as having a great sense of humour, so I hope you¬†get to read them. Nicholas is also the author of Pearseus, a fantasy series with a bit of a “sci-fi twist” whose first two books, Year 18: The Schism and Rise of the Prince¬†have both reached #1 on Amazon, with Book 3, Mad Water, due¬†out soon.

Now I just need to finish my debut novel and get that published, and then… well, one thing at a time. I think I’ll just enjoy this milestone for now ūüôā

Big News: Getting Published!

Ok, so it’s just a short story, not my (still unfinished) novel (… yet!), but nevertheless, I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be published! Yay! ūüôā

I recently decided to “semi-publish” (ok, I might have made up that word)¬†a short story I wrote some years ago by putting it in¬†a password-protected blog post. Well, Nicholas C. Rossis, author of the epic fantasy series Pearseus¬†(the first two books both went to #1 on Amazon and the third book is coming out next month), read my humble short story and deemed it worthy of being included in his collection of short stories titled The Power of Six. Of course I was honoured to accept.

The Power of Six, by Nicholas C. Rossis

The Power of Six, by Nicholas C. Rossis

I said in my previous post¬†that I would be happy to give out the password to anyone sending me an email (just drop me a line at amosmcarpenter at gmail dot com) if they’re interested in reading my short story, Big Bang, and I’ll stick to that, although I’d of course¬†love it if you went and bought Nicholas’ great book directly (after it’s been updated to include¬†Big Bang).¬†You’ll get six of Nicholas’ short stories, mine, and also a sneak peek (the first two chapters) at¬†Ryan Schneider’s The Beginning, Book One in The Demon Drivers trilogy.

Edit – this just in from Nicholas: if you buy The Power of Six¬†now, you can still take advantage of the $0.99 price before it goes up to $1.99 (still a great price, if you ask me!) at the end of the week, when it will be updated to include the new content. You’ll be able to update on the Kindle then to get my story as well, and can keep busy reading Nicholas’¬†stories until then.

So I’m very grateful to Nicholas for this opportunity, and I hope everyone who reads those short stories thoroughly enjoys them!

Semi-publishing my short story

A recent post from Nicholas C. Rossis where he published his short story, The Hand of God, on his blog reminded me of a short story I’d written quite a while ago. My dilemma was that I wanted to share it with the writers in my “blog circle”, but I didn’t want to just publish it publicly on my blog, just in case I ever decided to enter it into a competition or something. Not that I do that (I’m with Mark, the Aspirant Wordificer on that), but I don’t want to burn bridges just because I’m not sure I’ll ever use them.

So I’m semi-publishing (if that wasn’t a word, it is now) my short story by password-protecting the post. That’s the best solution I could come up with for now. That way, it’s not really published, but anyone who reads my blog (there aren’t that many anyway ūüėČ ) can contact me (you can find my email address on my about page) and I’ll happily send them the password required to access¬†the short story.

Here’s the¬†password-protected post containing my short story, Big Bang:

Feel free to send me feedback via comments or email if you do read it.

But please be nice, I’m kind of anxious¬†– I’ve never shown any of my writing to anyone I didn’t know personally! And this short story is from a few years ago… I’ve improved since then!

On second thoughts… be honest. Let me have it.

(No, wait… be nice… no, uhm… AARGH!)