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Hey there!

There are many ways to contact me or keep in touch with what I’m doing or blogging about.

Follow me! (But I’m lost, too…)

The easiest way is to use the “Follow” widgets on the right-hand side; there’s a blue one with the WordPress icon for those who have a WordPress account, and a “regular” button for those who want to use the WordPress “subscribe via email” function (which automagically sends you an email when I post a new blog entry).

Public contact – comments welcome

To contact me “publicly”, simply leave a comment anywhere on the blog (if you don’t know where to leave the comment, this page or my About page is fine). The first time you do so, WordPress asks me whether I want to approve or deny the comment; subsequent comments are published automatically, but I may take the liberty of deleting inappropriate ones (haven’t had to do that yet) or editing them to satisfy my inner perfectionist (haven’t been able to resist that one on one or two occasions).

Private contact – write an email

To contact me “privately”, feel free to send me an email, either to “amos at amosmcarpenter dot com” or “amosmcarpenter at gmail dot com”.

But wait, there’s more!

My social media accounts currently exist for the sole purpose of regurgitating my blog content – so if you ask me, you’re better off just following the blog than following me on FB/Twitter/G+, but if you prefer, here are the details:

Whichever way you prefer, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  1. I just nominated you for a Character Blog Hop. Here’s the link: You don’t have to do anything but I hope you’ll join in and have fun!

Feedback? Comments? Fire away.

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