Earth Hour? What difference can I make?

Who’s heard of something called Earth Hour? Oh yeah, it’s one of those treehugger events that’s in the news once a year, and then everybody goes back to their old habits and forgets about it.


Well… no. Like this moron person in New Zealand, you completely missed the point. Ever heard of symbolism? (Sorry, I don’t usually disparage people. Officially. But those who put down and rant against a global event due to willful ignorance, and because they think they’re already doing the right thing, well, they kinda deserve it. They deserve a counter-rant.)

Earth Hour

Earth Hour. More than a once-a-year-fad.

It started as an event in Sydney in 2007, where they turned the lights off for an hour, including on the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, to raise awareness about climate change and that individual people can do their bit to help save slow down the destruction of our planet. Since then, it has spread and become a global phenomenon.

Will it make any difference in terms of the globe’s energy use, or its climate, if you turn off your lights for 60 minutes (out of over half a million minutes in a year)?

No. Pretty close to zip, zilch, zero, nada, nuffin’.

So what’s the point in joining?

Well, what if just one kid, because of you having your lights out, asks just one question: “Why are we doing this?”

What if, years later, that one kid remembers Earth Hour as a yearly thing, and it doesn’t fade from her memory every year after the event is over?

And that’s really what it’s about. Raising awareness. Getting people to quit yapping for just one hour about all their oh-so-bothersome first-world problems. Get them to remember that, the way we’re going, our planet’s use-by date is fast approaching. Change the world, so that one day, instead of people rolling their eyes at those who speak up and suggest we all do something, the kids of today who’ll be making the decisions by then will roll their eyes at those few (hopefully very few) who are still too lazy to get off their butts to do something about the world we live in and think it’s Someone Else’s Problem.

And if, after this hour, you should end up making no difference to yourself, the earth’s energy problems, the climate, and end up affecting not a single child in any way… how exactly can one hour with some lights off hurt you?

(Yes, you may still watch TV if you want. No, don’t bother switching off your fridge. Pay attention, dammit!)

Read what it’s all about, and what an amazing difference the WWF-sponsored event has made last year, at Donate, if you want, and if you can afford to. Just don’t bury your head in the sand. If you really don’t believe any of this can make any difference (have you watched the video?!?), at least don’t rain on everyone else’s parade.

Okay, okay, I’m getting off my little soapbox now.

Earth Hour Poster

Change Climage Change.

My Earth Hour in Perth, Western Australia, starts in an hour and a half, at 8:30 pm local time. I’ll be turning my lights off. How about you?

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  1. I feel you missed my point. I was saying earth hour is not enough. Yes I understand why WWF arrange it annually, but we should all be doing this every hour of every day.

    FWIW WWF is an organisation I donate to each month because I believe in their good work.

    But I know it’s up to all of us to do our own part. Individually we have to take responsiblity for our own footprint on this planet.

    • Good on you for a) getting my “counter-rant” without taking it the wrong way, b) donating to the WWF, and c) believing we should all do more. That’s great, and I agree completely.

      But I hope you do see that you blogging that 1) you already do more than that, 2) everyone should always do this 24/7, and hence 3) Earth Hour is stupid and should be boycotted… is just not a logical argument.

      Everyone doing this every hour of the day is just not realistic. Yes, we all need to do more – way more – but it’s got to start somewhere for those who don’t get it yet, doesn’t it? Earth Hour has done heaps more than get a few people to turn their lights off for an hour… that part is just symbolic.

      You’re basically saying that anti-smoking ads are stupid and shouldn’t be shown because you already don’t smoke. Nice horse, but it’s not about you; it may not even have much effect on those who’ve had this nasty habit for years and years. It’s about getting the right message across to those who’ll be making their decision in the future.

      • My post did entirely what I hoped to achieve, to create dialogue and start hopefully someone thinking. I was hoping that the title would cause a few people to stop and read it.

        I have immense frustration as a very environmentally conscious individual as the lack or care and concern many show.

        Thanks for your thoughtful response and I look forward to reading more of your blog and I hope you stop past and read mine too sometime 🙂

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