I just wrote a love scene…

… and it’s either insanely good, wonderfully romantic and tender and sweet… or hopelessly cheesy and pathetically inadequate. Dammit, how do I know which it is?!?


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  1. I hear ya! Love scenes will be the death of me. There’s no way to distinguish between the heart-melting and the cheesy.

    • I think my problem is… (looks around to check whether anyone is listening)… that I kind of like cheesy sometimes. Well, at least if it’s good-dripping-mozzarella-cheesy, not try-hard-and-fail-cheesy. 😀

      • Yes! I think you’re not alone, which is why it’s so stinkin’ hard to find the line between what’s good and what’s over-the-top. There’s good Havarti cheese, and then there’s those Kraft plastic cheese slices, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which kind you’ve got on the paper.

        • Yep, especially when it’s been there for quite some time and is all dried up and crusty and you… wait, I mean, what?

          But seriously, you’re absolutely correct, and I think part of the problem is that everyone’s definition of where exactly the line is between the two cheeses definitions may vary quite a bit. I guess I’d like to, uhm, not displease most typical readers with such scenes and maybe give them something to grin (or cringe in sympathy) about while I’m at it. And only send a very few prudes who can’t remember ever being young running away screaming.

          Thanks for your comments, Emily, much appreciated.

  2. Oh, jeez, uh, lesse…

    Set the scene down for about a week
    Read it over slowly to yourself, aloud if necessary
    Ensure that the scene does NOT remind you of any of the following:

    – Fifty Shades of Grey
    – The Room
    – My Immortal
    – Anything from the Bad Sex in Fiction awards

    4.Congratulations! Your sex scene is successful! Now go off and celebrate! 😀

    • Haha, thanks for those tips!

      I must admit a few things: 1) I haven’t read 50 Shades (and doubt I want to from what I hear). 2) I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing as the Bad Sex in Fiction awards! 3) It’s not even really a sex scene – more of a make-out scene.

      The real test will be later today while I’m at work (when my wife is planning to read it). I really like the tip about waiting a week and reading it back to myself… though I’m not sure about the “aloud” part, even if I’m sure the kids are all asleep in their rooms 😉

  3. Ah, love scenes, one of the more difficult scenes to get right! You just got to have confidence in it! 😀

    • Easier said than done, Mishka! You write romance, that’s an unfair advantage… I’m just a fantasy writer who doesn’t usually have to wet his feet with this sort of thing (happy to accept advice though!). But the story wanted – nay, demanded – that I include that bit, and who am I to argue with how my story wants to be told? 😉

      • You make a good point 😀 I think what tends to happen in love scenes is that some authors can focus too much on the physical, when mainly it’s about the emotions! But then again, it’s about finding the way you feel comfortable writing it and just going for it 😀

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