New year, new theme

To start the new year, I thought I’d try out a new theme for my blog. I’m not 100% happy with it (Mystique), and it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years so I may run into trouble later, but it’ll do for now. The only problem was: I’d have to get a new header image. So, it was bye-bye to my two cats, Merlin and Shadow, who’ve kept my blog company for a number of months now (don’t worry, they were ok with it when I explained it to them), and time to pick a new header image.

If I’m the writer, my wife’s the photographer (and artist, and so many other things), so I asked her if she had something that might be suitable for a 940×200 pixel page banner. Maybe something that says, “Western Australia”, which is where we live. Well, she did. Except, she didn’t give me one image, she gave me sixty-one. I’ve been able to whittle them down to fourteen of my favourites, but couldn’t decide between them.

Luckily, I found out that I can upload a whole bunch of header images and set them to randomise. So here they are, some really gorgeous pictures, all taken by my wife Sabine (All Rights Reserved and all that, but contact me if you want me to talk to her on your behalf…).

Click on an image in the following gallery to open the slideshow with the full-size versions. Enjoy.

I’ve included the previous and original headers for good measure.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Your wife is a talented photographer. I’d love to visit Australia some day.

    We have wind-blown trees like that here, mostly near the coast. We call patches of them “tuckamore.” Stunted, twisted, crowded, and strangely beautiful. 🙂

    Please tell Shadow and Merlin that they won’t be forgotten!

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