Introducing: Shadow, our new kitten

I’ve mentioned previously that our new kitten “Shadow” has been a welcome distraction in our household after our older cat passed away. As threatened promised, here are a few pictures of him. Beware: continuing to read this post may lead to uncontrollable utterings of “Aaaawwww!” and the like. You have been warned.

Shadow is a Tuxedo cat, being mainly black with white socks, chest and neck, and one awesome white moustache.

Tuxedo cat

You know I’m adorable. Go ahead. Say it!

Thanks to his very cheeky nature, he wasn’t shy for very long after he arrived at our home, soon making a variety of new friends…

Hunting guppies

From harmless guppies…

Dog encounter

… to Summer, our dog.

Hair-raising encounter

Meeting our other tomcat, Merlin, proved a hair-raising encounter at first…

Game of Thrones

… because if you don’t respect the big cat in the house, it’s Game of Thrones time.

Merlin was not fond of being attacked by the cheeky little devil at every turn.

There was a fair bit of hissing, spitting and flattening of the ears initially…

Shadow gets comfy

… but what are you going to do if the cute little guy just ignores all that and ruthlessly cuddles up to you…

Insistent cuddler

… and even if you try to turn away…

Sneaky cuddler

… he just snuggles up to you over and over…

Friends at last

… until you just have to accept it?

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