Zzzzz… – A to Z: Z

Z is for Zzzzz…. which is the sound I’ll be making over the next few days as I catch up on what seems like a month’s worth of sleep. It’s been… interesting doing the A to Z Challenge, fun for the most part, slightly distracting at times, and overall a great learning experience for a new blogger like me.

My sleepy pets

Zzzzz… my four pets doing what they do best: sleeping and looking cute. Awwww! (At least they’re not spreading hair everywhere while they’re being lazy!)

I wouldn’t say trying to keep up was stressful, but it did add a little pressure to get those blog posts out in time. I found I didn’t have enough time to read as many other blog posts as I wanted to, though I discovered some wonderful blogs to follow that I’m sure will continue to post interesting things even after the Challenge is over. Also, and more importantly, writing a blog post a day took up a fair chunk of time out of my own writing time, so I’m looking forward to two things: reading more of other people’s posts (I’m following a fair few and can barely keep up with them in my reader), and having more time to work on my book.

My followers have multiplied (still not many, but hey, my blog is only two months old), some whom I’m following, some I probably should follow (I’ll be reading more soon!), and some who, I suspect, just followed to get me to visit strange sites without intending to ever visit my blog again. (I can actually live with that!) I’m still getting a handle on the intricacies of blogging, so be patient with me. 🙂

One thing that was really interesting was seeing the variety of countries of my visitors in the stats – the majority were from English-speaking countries, but there were also some from around the globe that had me thinking how great it would be to meet all of them. It’s a small world!

Apart from one day (Good Friday – family was more important that day, so I posted twice on Saturday to make up for it), I managed to stick to the A-Z schedule every single day. As commenters and other blogs have pointed out, it makes sense to pre-write at least some of your posts before April and then publish them on the right date. (Nobody told me that when I started, but I’ll try to do that next year!)

Anyway, I’ll leave it there, get back to working on my book for the rest of the night, and hope you were able to enjoy some of my A to Z posts. If you’re interested, I’ll leave the “three-part-menu” up at the top of the page for a while longer, or you can jump to my I is for index post and see if you spot anything interesting.

Congrats to all other fellow A-Zers, and many thanks to every single visitor to my blog!

About Amos M. Carpenter

Web dev by day, author by night, and generally interested in (and opinionated about) way too many things.

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  1. Loved the pictures!! How adorable are they?! And good for you for doing the A to Z just after starting your blog!

  2. Congrats on getting through it! 😀

    Your pets are so sweet! 🙂

  3. Well done!

  4. Congratulations! And what adorable pictures. I want to zzzzzzz the day away too.

  5. I’m really glad I found your blog through the A-Z Challenge, Amos. Nice job as a new blogger! – Fawn

  6. Love your cats and dogs! Thanks for all your great posts in April. I haven’t read them all, but I’m trying to get back to read more of yours and others’ posts this month. Congratulations for finishing your first AtoZ.

    • Thanks, Janice. Cograts to you as well for finishing your third (I think?) Challenge. Loved all your comments as well, and I’m also hoping to read a few more blogs in more detail than I’ve had time to in April. My cats, though only two, said to say “hi” to all of yours 😉

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