A to Z Challenge – accepted!

Challenge accepted

“Challenge accepted!”

Being an absolute blogging-noob (having started less than a month ago), I’ve read about this “A to Z Challenge” on a few other blogs but didn’t really get what it was about. So when I came across this post on Daily w(rite) (thanks Damyanti!) and realised there were only a few days left to sign up, I had to make up my mind, so I headed to the official site and ended up signing up as number 1649.

Screenshot after I signed up for the A to Z Challenge

Screenshot after I signed up for the A to Z Challenge

Yay! (*Gulp*)

Apparently, I’ve just committed to doing 26 blog posts over the course of the month of April. That should be interesting. Oh great – posting the screenshot, I just realised I forgot to add the “(WR)” category, as my blog is mainly about writing. (At least it was prior to accepting this challenge. No guarantees about next month.) Doesn’t seem like I can change or redo that. Go me.

At this point, I’m guessing my April blog posts might be relatively short, or at least shorter on average than they have been thus far (I tend to ramble on a bit if I have time). But it’s a challenge, it’ll get me to look at some (hopefully interesting) content other people blog about, and it might get a few people to look at my blog who otherwise wouldn’t have found it. Don’t look a gift challenge up the… no, wait… don’t look up a challenging horse’s… whatever.

Can anyone recommend a couple of good blogs I can check out to get an idea of what type of content other people (writers or not) typically blog about during this challenge? Please have mercy and let me know in the comments if you can.

About Amos M. Carpenter

Web dev by day, author by night, and generally interested in (and opinionated about) way too many things.

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  1. Good luck with the challenge! 🙂

  2. There are a few bloggers doing this, and their themes have a wide range! 😀 I look forward to your posts, I’ll bet they’ll be great. Sorry, not much help I’m afraid 🙂

  3. Hi Amos,
    Nice to be here, I am here via A to Z blog page,
    Good to know that you registered for this years challenge.
    A Warm Welcome Abroad. A lovely place indeed!
    Have a happy blogging time ahead.
    Keep informed.
    Best Regards
    Philip of philipscom http://www.pvariel.com
    PS: Hey, The letter in white at the black background is giving strain to our eyes,
    if you can change the color its well and good. Thanks

    • Thanks for the welcome, Philip, much appreciated.
      Sorry to hear you find the white too bright – I’ve made a few CSS tweaks to the theme I’m using, but I haven’t touched the colour of links. Personally, I don’t find it too bright at all. Could it be your monitor setting? What happens if you look at a page with a white background…?

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