Summer and Merlin

It was almost a year ago now, but I just re-discovered these images of when our then-new puppy, Summer, first met our tomcat, Merlin. Luckily, we had the camera ready to document the momentous occasion and I thought these pictures were worth sharing….

Summer and Merlin - 1

“Would you like to be my friend?”

Summer and Merlin - 2

“That thing is wagging… you must like me back!”

Summer and Merlin - 3


Summer is a Boxador (Labrador and Boxer mix), now over a year old, and she’s still scared of anything… well, different. She gets along great with our other Labrador and with our two cats (Merlin came around and got used to her), but seeing these pictures again, I wonder whether that first meeting scarred her for life 🙂

Update: Here’s a more recent photo of Summer, just for Kate Sparks and her dog, Jack 😉

Summer today

A more recent photo of our boxador, Summer

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  1. That’s pretty much how my puppy’s first meeting went with our cat (that was nine years ago now! Where does time go? 😀 ). So sweet 🙂

    • Thanks! There’s just something about the innocence of a puppy expecting everything in the world to be a playground. It would’ve been almost sad how her illusions were shattered if it wasn’t so comical… 🙂

  2. She’s still adorable! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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