Twitter twats

Based on recommendations, I’ve taken the plunge and created my Facebook and Twitter accounts. To be honest, I’m not a fan of those. I can see the use, and the allure, but personally, I see too many people wasting too much time on them, and being dumbed down by using silly abbreviations to make that 140 character limit.

Is my opinion a bit extreme? Probably, compared to most. I’ve ranted about word limits before, and have given my 2 cents about common grammar/spelling mistakes. So don’t worry, I’ll hold my tongue this time.

The main reason was to reserve the usernames for… drumroll… when I get famous. Which will take time, but given my brilliant writing, it’s only a matter of time. Actually, I’m not really that optimistic, but I guess it can’t hurt, either.

For me, the action will still be here on the blog, not on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, I may come around to it. Convince me. Or not.

About Amos M. Carpenter

Web dev by day, author by night, and generally interested in (and opinionated about) way too many things.

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