Monthly Archives: February 2014

Introductions are in order

Welcome… firstly, me to blogging, and secondly (yes, yes, more importantly) you to my blog.

Here is where I intend to write about writing.

For years, I’ve been writing. Writing software and web pages. And sometimes technical documentation, and all sorts of lovely UML diagrams and the like. Recently, however, I took a bit of time off from the rat race to get the story that’s been clamouring around in my head for years, unwilling to bide its time any longer after germinating for so long, out of my head and onto paper. Electronically speaking, at least. (That is, typing it up using LibreOffice, which worked really well; the bit about getting it “out of my head” didn’t work so well though.)

I made progress in leaps and bounds, and fell in love with writing so much that I want to do it full-time. Of course, the journey from “wannabe-writer-with-an-idea-in-his-head” to “aspiring-writer-with-a-manuscript”, hard as it may be, is still much easier than the one from “aspiring-writer-with-a-manuscript” to “published-author-who-can-afford-to-write-full-time”. One down, one to go, so to speak. Although I’m currently revamping my manuscript, merging some parts of it with new bits and a new “delivery mechanism”… but more about that in a later post.

If I’m anywhere near as enthusiastic about blogging as I am about my writing, this site should see a few posts a month (yeah, I know… how long will I keep that up?) about my writing and my possibly doomed-to-fail attempts at getting published, as well as the occasional post about development (software and web stuff). If I feel like I’ve been “good” about those blogs, I might even indulge in posting about my guilty pleasure, playing Guild Wars 2. Sometimes, the need to rant about something annoying may override my better judgement.

So, welcome. To my blog, I mean, not because anyone’s thanked me yet. (Give me a break, it’s a new blog… what do you expect?) Hopefully, the blog will soon contain more than this little post and the about me page.