About Me

So. About me. (I refuse to write about myself in the third person.)

Private me

There’s not much about the private me that I want to share (yet?), though you may get some idea about my personality from my posts. I’m sure I’ll blog about some things I do, things I like, some pet peeves, etc. when I have the time.

I should warn you, however, that I’m a perfectionist, a bit of a grammar Na… uhm, don’t want to offend anyone… “grammar perfectionist” isn’t really strong enough though. I lament the fact that “the days of good English have went”, that too many people can’t spell “definitely”, can’t tell “their” from “there” or “they’re”, consider “whom” to be dead, and that modern writers fear long sentences. The number of spelling/grammar mistakes I spot (I am biologically unable to read past them) in everyday life, from websites to TV to even books, is mind-boggling.

Public me

Publically, I’m a web dev with way too many interests.

One of the primary interests I intend to write about is, well, writing. (Guess that makes this a meta-writing blog, in a sense.) I’ve always loved writing and being creative, but mostly it’s been software and websites rather than actual prose. Similar, in a way, but recently I’ve had a bit of time to really write… and fallen in love with it. One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to get a web presence for my “author persona” out there, to document my journey as I struggle with queries, submissions, and rejections, and to encourage myself to not lose sight of my goal of one day being able to share the story spooking around my head for so long with the world.


If you’d like to contact me, you can use either “amos at amosmcarpenter dot com” or “amosmcarpenter at gmail dot com”, or comment anywhere on this blog. (More ways to contact me.) I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome. And enjoy. (And like, and share, and comment, and link back, and all that good stuff.)

  1. Great fun getting to know you!

  2. Well now I wonder where you are if it is afternoon…

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